Never-the-Less Farm™

‘Never-the-Less Farm™’, the core project of our Foundation, will be very unique to Australia. No other working community farming accommodation model exists in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our farming project will be a ���������supported accommodation������� model and the environmental setting will be paramount, in deciding where our project will be located.

We strongly believe in a totally inclusive environment. The ‘farm’ belongs to the residents. It will be their home and the environment in which they will live, work and play. We will offer the best possible aesthetics we can employ, providing a safe, secure and far less challenging and over stimulated environment.

All staff will be trained in Autism 101 and will work alongside each and every resident, implement individual programmes and employ our Foundation’s core philosophical principles such as, empathy, respect, dignity and compassion.

We will provide a purposeful daily living and working environment, through strategies such as, routine, structure, daily living and working programs, leisure and community programs.

The Foundation welcomes all persons to ‘Never-the-Less Farm™’. Either as a resident, worker or day visitor, everyone will be welcomed into the family of, what is, ‘Never-the-Less Farm™’.